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Rating systems in Film

 I will be posting a review/study every Saturday, along with articles every day my job allows me to.
Hey fellow movie goers. (Scroll down to the red to see rating system and Rules for my reviews.)
            I dont rely on Reviews to find out whether or not to watch a movie, because the thing about reading film reviews is that what you’re getting is someone’s opinion, and it’s hard to shake if off afterwards whether it’s good or bad. However the biggest problem with reviews today is that you go on a website or read a magazine, and half the time, you’re reading a review by someone different for every other film. Different writers in a website might give a film a 10 and others a 5 depending on their taste. This leads to people missing movies they might be interested in due to the fact that they trust a certain websites reviews, without knowing who’s writing them. The problem lies in the fact that different people have different rating systems in their head. One person might think a 6 is a decent score for a film, and others might think a 6 is a horrible film that’s not worth watching.

            Checkout IGNs film reviews for Run All Night, written by Max Nicholson, and a Jack Reacher review written by Alicia Malone for example.

Now I’m not implying that these films are extremely alike. All i’m saying is If you watched Run All Night and loved it, unless you’re very picky, you would probably at least like Jack Reacher. So why as Max Nicholson put it, Run all Night “does nothing new” yet gets a GOOD review, and Jack Reacher does nothing new, and that’s why it’s rated BAD!?
There are 2 problems that IGNs reviewers have:
1. They have no set person on who gets to review what, and it leads to different reviews on arguably similar films.
and 2. They have no rating system in place. Everyone is just basing their opinion on their own.
Well I have good news for you readers…
I’m only one dude… and I’m about to give you a rating system.
but first, some ground rules
1. A link to this page will be at the top of the page in every review.
          -This is just in case anyone needs to look at it again, or for ease of access to use in a debate in the comments section, of course.
2. I will review films comparing them to other films in their respective genre and style of film, along with the directors other films.
          -Keep this in mind, so you don’t get pissed off when you spot out Apocalypse Now, The Babadook, and Weekend at Bernie’s have the same score.
3. If a film is part of a franchise, I’ll also compare the film to it’s predecessors.
           -After all, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is Alright, but compared to the rest of the films in it’s franchise…
4. I will provide a list of 3 films which are alike to the one being reviewed, If I can.
            This way you have a better sense of which films I’m comparing the reviewed film to, or what else you might wanna watch.
5. I will give 2 scores to a movie at times. The second score will be my “fanboy” score. 
           –What this essentially means is my biased score. For a film like CREED or STAR WARS: Remastered edition, for example, I’ll give my regular score where I try to look at the movie technically and as professionally as possible (ex. Star Wars: Remastered edition doesn’t have too many changes. 8 out of 10.) Then the “fanboy score” will reflect my personal opinion. (F*ck that, cause Han Solo shot first, and everyone knows it GEORGE LUCAS!! 4 out of 10!!)
1 = That film was poorly made in all senses of the word. I don’t wanna watch it, or anything like it again. I doubt any film will get this score.
2 =  If you do watch this film, watch it with a crowd, you can make fun of it or Hate it together. But you’ll most likely still regret you watched it. (Son of The Mask)
3 = A film that could’ve been so much better, but turned out to be horrible.  It was horrible to watch due to the thought of what it could’ve been, but at least something about it is watchable, and at least it’s good for studying what not to do. (The Last Airbender)
4 = A movie that had potential. However, it couldn’t be taken seriously due to directing, writing, a performance, or a concept which ruined the film completely. ( Blade: Trinity, Spider-Man 3)
5 = A film which is not bad. However, there’s nothing special or redeeming about it. It’s watchable and good to pass the time, but you’re not missing anything if you miss it either. There’s a lot of better things out there. This is given more often.
6 = A film which is not original in any way, but still isn’t bad. A few redeeming qualities. perhaps the cinematography, directing or acting is worth watching. nothing groundbreaking, but still well done. This score and a 5 are given to most average films in a year. ( The Equalizer, Need For Speed,  Iron Man 2 )
7 = This is also not a completely original film, but it stands out in it’s genre. Although it’s something that has been done before or perhaps has cliches or plot holes, it has a unique style and deserves to be watched as it offers something new, maybe in terms of a specific scene, concept, cinematography, or directing. It might inspire better work.
Just another example, My “fanboy” score for Fury is an 8.5
8 = A film which is well done, and offers everything you want from a movie. Highly entertaining and/or emotionally gripping. If it’s a comedy, it made you laugh often, if it’s a thriller it kept you at the edge of your seat until the end. Really stands out in it’s field with style, feeling and/or plot. A great film.
9 = A unique film! I give this score to maybe about 5 films a year. More if it’s a good year. This film should be watched and is almost perfect in my opinion. It’s unique and beautiful. Regardless of any faults it might have, you’d have a hard time arguing that you’ve seen another film like it. Either the directing, plot, acting, or everything about it is worth watching and studying. 
10 = ONE OF MY FAVORITES. I give this score to about as much films as I give a 1 or 2. It might be a 9, but I loved it so much it became one of my favorite films of all time. It’s hard to argue that it’s not a great film, and even harder to argue that its not an instant classic. A 10 might go down to a 9 after the hype of watching it the first time dies down. Study it, cause I think it’s gonna be part of a film history class when your kids go to school.
Regardless of what I say about any of the filmsI review, I stand by what I said earlier. I will always say watch the movie regardless of my review, and see what your own opinion of it is.
Thanks for reading!

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