Review: Deadpool

Deadpool was showing in my theater and I popped into a late show for a watch. Everyone in the theater was hyped, with Cosplay enthusiasts dressed all in red, ready for the movie to start. This year started the comic book movies with a bang, and even though Batman V. Superman and Civil War have a lot of hype behind them, the Thursday release for this movie told me one thing. It’s been building up, and it’s gonna have one hell of a profit in theaters.

If you haven’t read any of my reviews, it’s pretty simple. Spoilers= Bold red letters. Stay away from them if you’re gonna go watch the movie some time soon.

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Here we go, chimichanga fans.

The Plot:

Deadpool is played by Ryan Reynolds. He starts off as  Wade Wilson, a kick-ass vigilante, who has a personality unlike any other Marvel lead character thus far. I won’t go into detail, but some stuff happens, and in a matter of life and death, he takes an experimental procedure for the sake of his Lover, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) This procedure turns him into the crazy, fourth wall breaking, ass-kicking, bad mouthing, dick-joke-every-ten-second Deadpool.

What Should Attract:

This movie has been in the making for about 10 years. After the first Wolverine Origin movie came out, a mouth-sewn-shut version of Wade Wilson came out, played by Ryan Reynolds himself. The movie became widely hated by comic and non-comic book fans alike, and only one positive thing came out of all of it. People found out Ryan Reynolds made a pretty damn good Deadpool. Luckily for the fans, Ryan Reynolds loved playing the character and fought for 10 years to get the movie going. Well, it’s here, and it’s a funny, witty, raunchy, and crazy. Oh, and it’s a love story driven movie coming out on valentine’s day so it’s a good excuse to trick your boo into going to a comic book movie instead of another The Notebook rip-off.

The Bad:

Although the movie was about the most unusual superhero you’ve seen, it’s most likelyt the most cliche superhero movie you’ll see this year. When it comes to superhero cliches, this one has them all.

Guy falls in love with girl, guy goes through tragic power change, makes suit, villain finds valuable information about girl, girl gets kidnapped by villain, Guy has to suit up to safe girl. Classic.

                  The story also lacks a bit of motivation, but it has enough to keep you going. Since the film was on a lower budget, the computer graphics and colors call attention to themselves in a negative way certain times. Specifically with Colossus, who is seen a little better in the trailer. Also when Deadpool shows off his agility, it looks almost like Blade 2, but that had the excuse that it was filmed in 2002.

Perhaps the worst thing about to the movie is that like most Marvel movies that have come out thus far, it lacks a strong villain. The bad guy is cool, but he doesn’t do anything in the way of intimidation. There’s no moment in the movie where you doubt that Deadpool can take this guy, and it takes away from scenes that are supposed to be tense and the villain is supposed to intimidate the hero and in turn, the audience.


The Good:

Despite being riddled with Cliches, it’s hard to keep an eye on them because Deadpool’s character is just so different then any other super hero, it takes you away from things like plot structure and paying attention to serious parts. The character breaks the fourth wall constantly and it’s great each time. He also gets really creative with jokes, specifically the raunchy ones. These get particularly crazy. (Picture a blind lady being forced to put together Ikea furniture, with Deadpool talking in the background.)

The supporting actors and actresses are decent, and Deadpool bounces some good jokes off of them. There’s no subject that is safe when Deadpool is near. He makes fun of everything from Bill Cosby, to the X-men/wolverine franchise, to the actors in the movie (Including himself), to even the low budget that the movie has. It’s almost as if the cliches which I mentioned where bad for the movie become part of the comedy. part of the joke.

The editing of the movie gets a little choppy towards the end but its not bad, and I would say even good specially in the beginning. The flashbacks of his origin story come and go smoothly with nice, creative cuts. The music is also a big highlight, with some hip-hop and pop classics that will make you wanna sing along with Deadpool and add to the comedy from time to time. Yes, he sings along to the background songs sometimes.



The Hard Verdict:


-The movie doesn’t feel original when you’re thinking of the plot, but the main character is unlike anything you’ll see outside of…well… a Deadpool movie.

-The music is funny, and definitely picked well regardless of it mostly being a non-original soundtrack.

-You might argue that the other characters are a bit underdeveloped, but this movie is all about Deadpool. It’s kind of hard to focus on other characters when he’s so damn weird and different.

-Horrible bad guy just brought the score down! you can put this one in the MCUs closet of forgettable villains, along with The Mandarin from Iron Man 3, Malekith from Thor 2, Yellowjacket from Ant-Man,  Abomination from Hulk, Whiplash from Iron Man 2, and a lot more. Step your game up Disney and Fox!


Thanks for reading!!

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Other movie I watched this week: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:

“It was entertaining but didn’t have a lot of moments to redeem it from anything other then that. By itself I would not recommend it at all. Watch or read Pride and Prejudice (the original work) first. This way you can get more into how they incorporated  the zombies into the story,  or in other words, you can get in on  the joke.”

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