Overlooked Pt. 2 : Drama

Are there any films you watched which you felt went under your radar for years? As many films as I watch a year, I still always miss one that I watch years later only to say to myself, “this was pretty damn good.” Some movies like these are widely missed and thrown in the Five dollar bin at your local store. Regardless of how horrible it is for the film makers, I’m here to tell you to take advantage of it! There’s some pretty good overlooked movies out there, so watch out for these next time you’re looking for something to watch.


Men Of Honor

Why it was missed:

While this movie came out in 2000 and it was deeply inspirational, it did not make the cut with the great films that where nominated that year. This, however, wasn’t wrong as even today if you watch this films next to the films that were nominated (Gladiator, Crouching Tiger, Traffic, Erin Brockobich, and Chocolat) it didn’t stand a chance. The directing was just not on par with those films. However, it was still worth a watch.

Why it’s good:

Do you love Rober De Niro like I do? does it hurt watching him getting bashed by the masses for the roles he’s been picking? Then go back to his glorious days and watch one of his older movies, but you don’t have to go back as far as his Scorsese years… I recommend you give Men of Honor a try. Cuba Gooding Jr. plays a black cook turned deep sea diving trainee. De Niro plays a racist, bitter master diver determined to see him fail. Although it’s not as best directed as it could be, it definitely deserves a spot on this list, as it is inspiring nonetheless. Despite of Race, it’s really about Perseverance and what having an unshakable will can do. After watching the film, it’ll be hard to argue that regardless of the directing, that De Niro and Cuba were both great.


Battle for Seattle

Why it was Missed:

This film was so under the radar I looked for it for a year and it wasn’t even in Amazon. I finally found it in a local FYE (Video and music store), in the used section, for 5 dollars. Due to this film being the directors only film so far, being such low budget and using most of it on actors, coming straight to home video release skipping theaters all together, and not having a major lead actor as the main character (despite having the rest of it’s cast) it flew under the radar most people.

Why it’s good:

This film is a fictional re-telling of a protest against the WTO in the late 90’s which put Seattle in a state of emergency. The movie is rocking such a great cast, you might wonder why it’s not talked about much: Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Ray Liotta, Channing Tatum, and Jennifer Carpenter, Andre Benjamin, among others all play different characters who are spread out in different roles of the law, protesters, and victims of that day. The film is short, and at times overly dramatic, but can be a powerful statement on what the power and unity of the people can do. It might inspire you to go out and join a major movement/protest, or perhaps stay away from one.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Why it was Missed:

This movie came out in December 25th, 2013. Starting to see a pattern here? It was released with the likes of American Hustle and Wolf Of Wall St. So of course, everyone at least in the U.S. missed it, including me. I was surprised to find it later for only $7 dollars at a best buy. A sure sign that not many people where watching it. It was also given mixed reviews by critics due to it’s highly promotional plot, so that didn’t help.

Why it’s good:

While this movie is great, and it really does inspire you to stop imagine what you can be and go out there and realize it, that’s not the best part of this film. The fantasy scenes which the main character has in his head, while inspiring, funny and often hilariously over the top, are also not the best part. The best part is really the cinematography. Once Walter Mitty goes off on his journey to find the photographer who has Life magazine’s last photo cover in his possession, what you see is some of the most beautiful scenic shots you’ll see in any film of the last year. It’s beautiful to watch even if only for that.



Why it was missed:

Jeff Nichols is one of the most overlooked directors in the last few years. He’s made three great films (Mud, Shotgun Diaries, and Take Shelter) which are all great, and all seem to be overlooked due to one simple fact: None of them have good enough money to be marketed well. This specific one came out in 2012, with a wider release in 2013 which gained some traction due to McConaughey’s Oscar win. However, though some people watched this, not enough did.

Why It’s good:

Mud, played by Matthew is a wanderer who is the run from someone. Two teenage boys find him hiding out in a tiny island, listen to his story and try to help him send a message to his old girlfriend. While the movie can fall in the crime genre, it definitely is a love story and coming-of -age film in much more respects. It ultimately teaches the viewer that love is always more complicated then you think it is, but regardless of how complicated it is, it has to come from two sides. Great performances all around, and as always, great directing by Jeff Nichols! You can watch this to know his directing style before you watch his new film coming soon, Midnight Special .


Stranger Than Fiction

Why it was Missed:

This is one of those films that is misleading. You watch a trailer and you may go “Will Ferrell, i’m not a big fan.” or “Will Ferrell, this one’s gonna be funny.” Regardless of which one of these you chose, you’d be wrong to think this was just another Will Ferrell movie. It’s a drama that deals largely with the thought of destiny being “Written” in stone so to speak. As such, the Will Ferrell fans who were expecting it to be hilarious didn’t enjoy it, and the others didn’t watch. This eliminated the biggest promotional tool a movie can have: Word of mouth.

Why it’s good:

The movie is very inspirational and while this was Will Ferrell’s first Semi-serious role, he took it very well, unlike his later films. The movie is starting to pick up a little more viewers since it came out in Netflix, but it still doesn’t have a good amount of people watching. It’s highly philosophical in a funny way, has a great message, and it expertly written despite being so simple, with great acting and funny moments sprinkled throughout. It’s a great little movie. I highly recommend this one.


Inside Llewyn Davis

Why it was Missed:

This film was missed to prove it’s point. One of the perceived points of this film is “Do what you love, despite the judgement of others, because when you’re overlooked and you do what you love, you won’t mind it.” This is why the Coen brothers didn’t mind it when this film was completely overlooked for most Oscar awards. As a result, however, the film is so subtle and small-feeling (Like the music it portrays) that it hasn’t been seen by a lot of people. Also, a lot of people don’t understand the last few scenes, as you have to know who Bob Dylan is, and what he did, to understand it.

Why It’s good:

You probably saw Oscar Isaac on maybe two major films last year, and told yourself this guy came out of nowhere. No he didn’t, he blew up because of this subtle little movie. It’s an incredibly moving film, not just about being overlooked, but about moving on, in all senses of the word. A lot of metaphorical moments happen as the main character is haunted by something which I can’t spoil, so you have to watch the movie to understand. This movie, however, is for the more patient viewers, who don’t mind a lot of drama as long as in the end as you get to take a message that matters. Watch ir! it’s worth it!

Hope I gave you guys some movies to watch. If I didn’t, then good job!

Thanks for reading!

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