“And the nominees are…”


I’ve been nominated for an award, for blogging! And here I thought I haven’t written nearly enough in the last few months to be considered a real blogger. However, it really means something to be nominated by bloggers you follow yourself. I was nominated by Film Music Central, who writes great pieces on music in films, film reviews, and even events (like the Olympics) If you get a chance, read away and follow. 


These are the rules of the Liebster Award:

Acknowledge the person who nominated you and display the award.

Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you.

Nominate 11 blogs who you think deserve it.

Let these bloggers know you’ve nominated them.

Give your 11 questions to the nominees.


I’m very excited to give away nominations, so let’s get to it!

11 Questions from Film Music Central:


1. What is your favorite animated Disney film?

-If I had to choose one of all time it would most definitely be The Lion King. That animated film shaped my childhood. Still get excited watching it today! If I had to pick a modern/computer animated film, my choice would be Up.

2. Which Star Wars film is the best?

– I think the best one (speaking from a film making standpoint) is Empire Strikes Back. Despite my thoughts on it being a better film personal favorite however, my favorite in the series is A New Hope due to my favorite character in the series being Obi-Wan Kenobi. That man went out with style, like only a Jedi could!

3. Star Trek or Star Wars?

– Now that’s a hard one. I’m gonna try to get away with saying it’s a tie for me. I love Star Wars for it’s lore and Mythological feel. There’s a lot going on but things aren’t over-explained, and it doesn’t always bother with realism, like a Samurai Film. The exact opposite is what I love about Star Trek. It’s such complicated and complex science fiction that you can just sit there and get lost in the lore and explanation of a single thing. Wow, that answer got off track.

4. How long have you been blogging?

– I have been blogging since February of this year. It’s already almost been half a year!

5. Favorite film soundtrack?

– That’s too hard! I can’t choose a favorite one. I’ve been listening to the Godfather OST lately and love it. Other possible choices for a favorite OST would be Last Of The Mohicans, Inception, Tron: Legacy, Pacific Rim, Bridge on The River Kwai, and most recently added is probably The Hateful 8.

6. If you had to live inside a movie, which one would you pick, and why?

– After much thought I think I’d have to go with Cloud Atlas. I like the idea of reincarnation and the thought that anything meaningful I do in my lifetime will ripple down through generations and affect someone, and that someone might even be me! I’m not a very religious person, but I wouldn’t mind already living there now.

7. Who’s going to win the Game of Thrones?

– Wow, what’s with these super hard questions! I have no idea, but I’m still rooting for the Starks. Specially Arya, and little Bran who I have a prediction might take over a dragon at some point.

8. If you had one superpower, which would it be?

– The power of teleportation sounds promising. Or perhaps the power to survive in space, naked… So I don’t have to go through that cliche problem of freezing and running out of air in my space suit.


9. Name one movie that should never have had a sequel:

– Again a hard question…because there are so many! But the first film that always comes to mind when I think of the subject is: Jaws.

10. Do you think they can keep the James Bond series going forever?

– I think they can, specifically because it’s not strictly a series. You can have a flop one year, and re-cast, reinvent, and reboot the character all over again for the next film.  You couldn’t do that with Marvel films at this point. That’s what makes the James Bond franchise genius.

11. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

– “What do you mean, African, or European swallow!?”


I’m very picky about who’s blog I follow, specially because I don’t always like reading just reviews. I did my best to pick the people I read often or recently started following because they made me read good pieces back to back. Read them up and if you enjoy, follow them!

And The nominees are…

  1. Film Frames and Feels
  2. Make Mine Criterion!
  3. The Film Buffering
  4. Film The Madman
  5. Jordan And Eddie (The Movie Guys)
  6. The Love Pirate
  7. Event Horizon Cinema
  8. Battle of Jackku
  9. Flicks And Pieces
  10. MBMS
  11. RJ Reed Films


And Nominees, here are your Questions:

  1. What is your favorite post on your own blog, and why?
  2. What is your favorite film franchise, and what about it makes you drawn to it?
  3. What do you look at when reviewing a film? and if you don’t, why not?
  4. Have you ever read a book or played a game which you wanted to watch on film, and what was it?
  5. Not many films should be remade, but which one do you think undoubtedly should?
  6. Name one of the films which you think is highly overrated, and why.
  7. Name one film which you feel is highly underrated.
  8. Who’s you favorite director, and what makes their work special to you?
  9. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
  10. When you finish this, what are you gonna go watch next?
  11.  If you were a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude, which dude would you be?



Thanks to all for participating and continuing to read my blog! hope you have fun answering the questions. I know I did. 










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